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Their fruity gin is pure magic
Inka K.
The Illusionist Gin is absolutely delicious
Paik A.
For any gin connoisseur, a must-have!
Michelle W.
... magnificent Gin in a wonderful blue colour
Edison Y.
The taste is not an illusion... it's genuine and stimulating
Great gin with a wow-effect!
Kevin W.
purple liquid in the air


16 premium botanicals, one magical mix
Floral. Fruity. Unexpected. Our gin combines influences from all around the world - distilled in a pot still and filled into art-nouveau stylized black vessels.
Cocktail recipes for you, to recreate from the comforts of your home.


Floral. Fruity. Unexpected. Our gin combines influences from all around the world.


The Illusionist Dry Gin focuses on importing premium organic ingredients from around the globe and making each batch of Illusionist Dry Gin by hand. Our meticulous process and commitment to excellence requires utmost attention. Given our focus is on the production we do not have a storefront nor do we offer any distillery tours for guests at this very moment. Currently, we are only distributing in the US market so direct pickup options are not available. If you happen to travel to Germany however, consumers may request the option of picking up their orders. When we can accommodate this, we meet clientele at our warehouse and offer them samples of our products while loading their order. To arrange in-person pickup, you can reach us at +49 (0)89 1500 184 0. You can also opt to purchase bottles from the Curtain Call Bar in Glockenbach, Munich.
Some products may take a little longer to ship, so you must check the estimated delivery times on each product page. However, we try to have all orders delivered within 2-5 days. Deliveries arrive Monday through Saturday, so it’s possible that orders may take an extra day if placed at the end of the week. Holiday schedules may also impact delivery times. Postal services may not occur on some holidays, such as Christmas, so when placing orders, you must consider holiday schedules and how they may impact delivery times. Your postal service may leave your order with a neighbor or leave you a slip providing you with a pickup location if nobody’s available to receive a shipment when they attempt delivery. Shipments are held at the designated pickup location for seven days.
Want to add some color and a touch of our botanical magic to your bar? The Illusionist team would be happy to help you stock Illusionist Dry Gin at your establishment! Our sales team can be reached via email at or by phone at +49 (0)89 1500 184 0. Our sales team will outline the terms and conditions that apply to our business contracts and provide you with all the information needed to begin the process of serving our distinct blue gin in your establishment.
The Illusionist team is excited to share news of the latest cocktail recipes we're trying, the best music to pair with your gin and tonic, the hottest establishments serving the Illusionist, and new products we're offering. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to make sure you don't miss our latest news. We'll share information about events we support, such as festivals and on our social media channels you will always find the latest insights and giveaways. Our Illusionist Distillery Newsletter is also a great avenue for keeping up do date on any developments from the distillery. There's a convenient sign-up box on the bottom of our home page where you enter your email address. Be sure to check your inbox and confirm our subscription email when it arrives. Once that's done, you'll get the latest news delivered right to your inbox, so can excited about some bonus features, such as discount codes, giveaways and other subscriber-first rewards. Our newsletter is free of course and is released once a month, ensuring we offer value to our subscribers every time we hit the send button. Our website also features a page diving into the story of our Illusionist Distillery. We also list email addresses and phone numbers so you can easily reach out to our Illusionist experts with any questions or get help placing an order. If you're interested in the all natural, 100% organic ingredients used in our blue gin be sure to check out the product page. There you will find plenty of information regarding our ingredients, the variety of botanicals and herbs and what makes our gin special.